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Hadrian’s Wall Live Podcast

19 September 2016
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Clare Wilson
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Final battle from Hadrian's Wall Live 2016

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Thank you to everyone who came to Hadrian’s Wall Live this year on Sat 3 & Sun 4 September.

We had a great weekend of live Roman action and we hope you did too. You can relive the action (or discover what happened) by listening to our podcast of the event here.

In our Hadrian’s Wall Live podcast you’ll hear from:

  • Simon, the commentator of the battles
  • Apra, an historian and experimental archaeological cook
  • Laurie and Luke, visitors and charioteers
  • Chris and Joe from the Barbarian camp talking weapons
  • Gianni, leader of the Roman legion
  • …and many more visitors from the weekend.

Find out… how Roman sausages helped make 2016’s event better than last year, how the Roman army psyched themselves up, and what our visitor’s favourite bits were.

listen or download from the English Heritage website.

We’ll be launching a new podcast series soon…

…starting with a three-part special on #Battle1066, following the march from Stamford Bridge in Yorkshire to Battle in Sussex.

It’s 950 years since King Harold’s army marched this way – follow the 1066 march here, and listen to the podcast trailer below.

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