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March into 1066: Week One

30 September 2016
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1066 re-enactors travelling on horseback

Last Sunday, a group of intrepid 1066 re-enactors left Clifford’s Tower in York to embark on an epic 300 mile journey inspired by the one taken by King Harold to the Battle of Hastings, 950 years ago.

Over the last week, they have steadfastly marched south out of Yorkshire and across Lincolnshire, battling prolonged drizzle, blisters and even a lost horseshoe along the way. They have met plenty of well-wishers, taught Saxon and Norman history to classes of schoolchildren, and posed for numerous photographs.

Places visited so far include historic Selby Abbey, Gainsborough Old Hall and the historic centre of Lincoln, where they passed through the same Roman arch that King Harold would very likely have passed through. Today they took lunch in Sleaford, before marching on down the former Roman road of Ermine Street to rest weary legs and sore feet in the village of Aslackby.

Listen to the 1066 March Podcast

Re-live the atmosphere and tension in this special anniversary Battle of Hastings podcast. Join historians, experts and battle re-enactors as we take a look back at the events that shaped English history. In episode 2, Senior Curator Rowena Willard-Wright discusses the role of women in 1066; we catch-up with the band of 1066 re-enactors marching down to battle, and discover what William may have been thinking when he first landed on English soil with his troops.

You can listen to or download episode one from Soundcloud here.

Follow the progress of the 1066 March, all the way to Battle on 14th October

Here’s what’s been happening in Week One: Clifford’s Tower in York to Peterborough.


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