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The story of the Norman Conquest – July 1066

12 August 2016
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English Heritage
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Saxon Frydsman and Norman Knight

Join us as we explore the people of 1066 – in just 140 characters.

As July 1066 wore on, the Normans were increasingly frustrated at not being able to sail and discussions (on both sides) turn to the character of King Harold. Meanwhile, the wily Tostig was reported to be the guest of King Malcolm of Scotland and another potential threat – that of Harald Hardrada – needed to be considered too…

You can follow the events of 1066 as they unfold throughout the year, through the eyes of characters from different areas of medieval society.

Are you Team Norman or Team Saxon? Pick a side and or find out more about the people of 1066 here. And now, here’s what happened in July 1066…

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