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The People’s Strictly | Behind The Scenes at Wrest Park

2 March 2015
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Gareth Clifford
Behind the Scenes

English Heritage has produced an exclusive behind the scenes video showing the transformation of Wrest Park as The People’s Strictly crew arrived to film an episode of their new series. Discover exactly what the dancers, contestants and the team thought of working in such a stunning location:

The house and grounds of Wrest Park featured on BBC One on Thursday cialis sales 5th March as for the first time ever, six lucky contestants nominated to take part for having done amazing things in their community, were immersed in a magical world of sequins, spray tans and sumptuous surroundings.

The contestants have been paired with a professional dancer from the TV series and Wrest Park was chosen as the venue for them to get cialis on line purchase ready and transformed for their ballroom debut in front of the nation.

For further details on the contestants, dancers and the show please visit:

The filming gets underway at Wrest Park

The filming gets underway at Wrest Park

Wrest Park is a paradise for garden-lovers, offering miles of waterside and woodland strolls. Telling the story of England’s love affair with landscape, it’s a unique place displaying over 300 years of garden history and design.

In addition to the gardens, you can visit parts of the ground floor of the French-style mansion, designed and built by Thomas, Earl de Grey in 1834-39. Its unfurnished but opulently decorated staterooms include the Grand Staircase, the Library which served as the de Grey family’s living room, and the Drawing Room I am very pleased with my first order from the price to the check out to the shipment. Best doses for propecia: the difference between a brand name medication and a generic is in the name, shape and price. with its ceiling paintings of wispily draped 1830s ladies.

For further information on  visiting Wrest Park, get started here.

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