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Robson Green | Tales from Northumberland Interview

8 February 2015
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Gareth Clifford
Behind the Scenes

We joined Robson Green in the editing suite of ITV’s Tales from Northumberland. Discover his love of the counties heritage in our exclusive interview:

Take a closer look at some of Robson’s favourite English Heritage places in Northumberland:

Warkworth Castle and Hermitage

Once home to the powerful Percy family who now reside in Alnwick Castle, Warkworth was and remains one of the largest and most impressive fortresses in North East England. It was once home to ‘Harry Hotspur’, hero of many Border ballads and the bane of Scots raiders.

The Hermitage at Warkworth is reached by boat across the river Coquet. It was probably established in about 1400 by the 1st Earl. Rather than a secluded dwelling for a religious recluse or hermit, it was in fact probably a chantry, or private chapel, where a priest performed services in return for a stipend.

Warkworth Castle

Lindisfarne Priory

Originally home to the Lindisfarne Gospels and the site of grisly Viking attacks, Lindisfarne Priory sits offshore on Holy Island and is reached by a causeway at low tide. The peaceful atmosphere and beautiful views from the priory make a visit here well worth the effort.

Marvel at the ornate carvings on the extensive ruins of the monastic buildings and enjoy the serenity that first drew the monks here. Lindisfarne Priory will stay in your memory forever.

Lindisfarne Priory

Corbridge Roman Town - Hadrian's Wall

Not all of the sites on Hadrian's Wall were heavily guarded fortresses. Corbridge was a supply base and bustling town where the Romans and civilians would pick up food and provisions. Today, you can still walk through the town's streets and experience a true time-capsule of Roman life.

You can see an astonishing, valuable hoard of objects found during excavations, including Roman armour and trinkets, which provide a fascinating insight into the life of a soldier.

The Corbridge Hoard

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